Firechainsaw boots
    NFPA & CSA Standards
    EN ISO 20345 & EN 17249

Firefighter boots

Chainsaw boots

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   Class 3

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Mining boots

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Construction safety boots

Industrial safety boots

Electric / dielectric boots

Winter boots

Halal boots / Apron

Military boots

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For over 35 years, Harvik has been designing and manufacturing rubber safety boots to battle the risks inherent at the workplace and to enhance safety for every profession.

Each item we produced is specifically hand crafted by skilled artisans where even before the craft of building can take place, experts in the Research and Development, Quality Assurance and Prototyping departments thoroughly test each individual component for the highest level of quality, durability and performance. Thus, each of our products is backed by our exclusive warranty against manufacturing defects.

Among our wide range of products include :

  1. Firechainsaw Boots
  2. Firefighter Boots
  3. Chainsaw Boots
  4. Mining Boots
  5. Industrial Safety Boots
  6. Winter Boots
  7. Military Boots
  8. Mustang Riding Boots
  9. Derri Boots
  10. Slush Moulding Boots
  11. Injection Moulding Boots
  12. Others

Besides our own products, Harvik can also tailor-make all types of safety footwear to specifications according to customers' requirements.