About Us


Harvik Rubber Industries Sdn Bhd is the leading and trusted manufacturers of premium safety rubber footwear with over 40 years of proven track record.

Established in 1972, Harvik is internationally renowned for products of excellent workmanship and quality, catering to various applications and industries. Our Customers from all over the world have come to trust Harvik’s innovative product design, quality manufacturing, solid marketing and service and support. Our products can be found in market in Europe, North & South America, Russia, Middle East, South Africa, Asia Pacific, New Zealand and Australia.

Located strategically in the Prai Free Industrial Zone of the northern state of Penang, Harvik has an annual production capacity of over one million pairs of rubber safety footwear, Harvik’s products are manufactured to international stringent quality standards and are certified to all the major international safety footwear standards in chainsaw, mining, fire, general foot protection, electrical resistance and conductivity, construction, etc.

Our commitment to safety at the workplace is legendary and we strongly believe in not just making good comfortable safety footwear but providing complete footwear solutions.


Harvik Gloves Sdn Bhd was established in June 2011 as a packing facility. It is the subsidiary of Harvik Rubber Industries Sdn Bhd, located within the same building. The main core business of Harvik Gloves is to provide value added supply chain system and packing services for both industrial and consumers market of latex, nitrile & vinyl disposable gloves, also household rubber and PVC gloves. All quality gloves shall be purchased from respective approved gloves suppliers, while value added customized packing process shall be carried out in Harvik Gloves Sdn Bhd. which in turn will save resources, cost and time of our valuable customers.